Book ~ Lucky In Love by Jill Shalvis

LuckyInLoveBook: Lucky In Love

Series: Lucky Harbor #4

Author: Jill Shalvis

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 341

Published: Forever, 2012


I’m getting more and more into this series, I gotta say. Since we’re done with the new sisters who came to the town of Lucky Harbor, now we’re on to the three close friends aka Chocoholics who start up their friendship on a stormy night. I see a pattern of threesomes in this series, not the naughty kind-get your heads out of the gutter!- but in the sense of groups of three finding their happiness. So that means I need two more of you who’s willing to join me, and chocolate of any variety is welcome too! In fact, I can’t even remember how many times during my reading I craved for a chocolate muffin, or a brownie or just a huge block of it.

Our new group of three women who’ll be more than a little lucky in love-see what I did there?- consists of the town’s good girl Mallory, town’s badass chick waitress Amy, and town’s new girl Grace. This book tells the story of the good girl Mallory with, those who’ve read the previous books will know him, the town’s Mysterious Cute Guy, Ty Garrison.

I really liked Mallory’s character. God knows, I can relate to that good girl act a little bit. Mallory was a woman who had been hurt in her past and still carried the burden. With a family full of wild characters, she felt responsible for them, and acted the role of the mediator, and hence the good girl. She was the always kind woman, the nice one, not that she didn’t like it, but for all that happened in her past, she was careful not to take a walk on the wild side. That is, of course, until she met one Ty Garrison, or Mysterious Cute Guy, as everyone in town referred to him.

I also liked Ty a lot. He was also a hurt-in-the-past character, and the burden was heavy on his shoulders. He was a closed box, he didn’t let anyone near him, both physically and emotionally, and he certainly was no good boy. To be honest, he wasn’t all that much of a bad boy either, I mean he was kind and nice when he opened up, it was just that he tried so much not to open up. But I guess no one can resist a good girl who wants a wild adventure, and when I say a wild adventure I mean no-strings-attached sex in a public place. Yes, that was the opening of their story and my god, it was hot.

The two of them as a couple were sweet, but also quite sexy. They had much time to adjust to their feelings for each other, to come to terms with their pasts and their presents, and the rides they took in between were pretty hot. I loved Mallory’s trying to be a bad girl for once and yet still having her heart on the good side, and Ty’s dilemma between making a home in a town he first intended to only pass by, and running away from everything attachment related, be that a friendship or a love affair.

A nice new arc in the series of Lucky Harbor, I’m looking forward to reading the stories of these chocolate loving women and the men who’re going to fall for them. But before all that, let me add four spoonfuls of this lovely story into my hodgepodge. And perhaps go for some chocolate.


Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis:

  1. Simply Irresistible*
  2. The Sweetest Thing*
  3. Head Over Heels
  4. Lucky In Love
  5. At Last
  6. Forever And a Day
  7. It Had to Be You
  8. Always On My Mind
  9. Once In a Lifetime

*These two can also be found as one book in Christmas In Lucky Harbor.


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