Book ~ Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis

HeadOverHeelsBook: Head Over Heels

Series: Lucky Harbor #3

Author: Jill Shalvis

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 350

Published: Forever, 2011


Hell, I knew I had a thing for men in uniform. An officer of the law who had a past that’s not so lawful. How can I resist? The answer: I can’t. So here we are, with the story of the town’s good ol’ sheriff Sawyer-oh, the name!-, and the wild child Chloe.

Chloe was the youngest of the three sisters who took over the inn, she was also the only one who spent the most time with their equally wild mother. And so she was more like her mother than her sisters, she didn’t like the sound of responsibility, she was allergic to anything emotional and she tended to get into trouble which, of course, was why she’d be perfect for the local sheriff. You know, opposites attract, that kinda thing. I really liked her character, I think so far, she’s my favorite heroine in the series, she’s definitely my favorite of the three sisters. I loved her free spirited personality, and even though she had her flippant moments, she had a most caring and tender heart. You gotta love the wild yet golden heart and that was Chloe.

And Sawyer? Hello, handcuffs, anyone? The man in uniform? The officer of the law thing? Need I say more? I think not. However I will, because I need to get some words written down here to appreciate this fine man. This fine man who’s an officer of the law. This fine man who’s an officer of the law who also carries handcuffs. Handcuffs. Yeah, so I got hung up on them, so what? Sue me, and maybe then I can be arrested and handcuffed by the local sheriff. Yay!
Sawyer was vulnerable in a way that made you love him. He was passionate, he was cool and collected, he was very sexy, he was considerate and caring. Basically, it was impossible not to love him. And if these are not enough to make you give him extra points, although how could it not, then his heart melting attitude when handling Chloe’s asthma has got to be the tipping point. He was so gentle and caring with her that more than once I wished there was a way to get inside a book.

I thought these two made a great perfect couple. They were both vulnerable in ways not many understood, but that was the beauty of their relationship because it made their bonding a lot easier. Again, with these two, the story was more about their connection rather than anything action related, although there was relatively more of that in here. At least compared to the previous ones. But the good thing with these books is that there’s always some kind of main obstacle in the way, and you read and you connect with them in a way you can’t connect with, say, a historical or paranormal romance. These are romances that go on in our time, and the kind of story they tell, you can imagine happening for yourself. Maybe I should move to a nice quiet little town? Perhaps one that’s close to an ocean? Which brings me back to what I asked in my review for the first book of this series, who’s ready for a trip to Lucky Harbor? All you ladies out there are welcome. We gotta get there before all single sexy men are taken!

And did I mention handcuffs?

While you ponder on that fact, I’m quickly adding five big spoonfuls of this book into my hodgepodge before I lose myself in my fantasies.


Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis:

  1. Simply Irresistible
  2. The Sweetest Thing
  3. Head Over Heels
  4. Lucky In Love
  5. At Last
  6. Forever And a Day
  7. It Had to Be You
  8. Always On My Mind
  9. Once In a Lifetime

2 thoughts on “Book ~ Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis

  1. Haha, if anyone does a search engine search for “handcuffs” I think you have the monopoly on the key word. (Not that I’m complaining). Love it.

    What’s odd about books like these are that they always make me want to move to a quaint little small town. They make me totally forget that I grew up in a small town, and then moved to another small town. Oh well, there’s that whimsy element to, I suppose.

    It sounds sort of similar to the Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallery. Have you read those? I really loved them, and now I’m looking forward to trying this series out, too. Thanks for posting. Always love your reviews.

    • Haha! Believe me, this is the cropped version, handcuffs was all I could thin about when I wanted to talk about this book! 🙂

      Yes, I completely understand! I grew up in the big city and didn’t much get the appeal of a small town but I’m in one now and it’s not bad lol No sexy hunks at the ready around here though, no handsome sheriff with handcuffs!

      I haven’t read that series yet but I’ve heard of it. I’m actually looking for the first book now, once I get my hands on it, hello new small town! I think I really enjoy the idea of a small town story, warming up to it more and more.

      Thank you! It makes me happy to hear you enjoy my reviews 🙂

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