Book ~ Archangel’s Storm by Nalini Singh

Archangel's StormBook: Archangel’s Storm

Series: Guild Hunter #5

Author: Nalini Singh

Format: Paperback *own copy

Page Count: 337

Published: Berkley Sensation, 2012


There’s a certain kind of wonder and beauty to the world Nalini Singh had created that it surprises me every time I read it. I pick up the books and all at once I want to both be a part of that world but also feel like I don’t belong in there. It’s hard to explain, so I’ll just keep to my review of the beautifully written story of Jason the Spymaster and Mahiya the Princess.

It’s been a while since I last read a Guild Hunter book, and I wasn’t sure how much I could remember from the little pieces we got about Jason, but thankfully once I started reading it I quickly picked up on everything. That’s how much Nalini’s writing has an impact I guess, no matter how long it has been, all is embedded in your mind.

I don’t know if I even have to say this but I loved Jason. A lot. More than I think I can describe with words. There was some kind of vulnerability to him that was very much endearing if you can believe it. He was the right combination of tough, dark, dangerous and caring. I think the biggest reason why I love these heroes is because of their darkness. There’s a certain attraction in the way they carry that darkness within them, and the way you always know they will never change that, even with you, but they’re willing to merge it with their relationship with you. Do I even make any sense? Well, I’m hoping I made some sense at least to Mahiya.

Now Mahiya was the opposite of Jason. In fact, she was pretty much the opposite of almost every character in this world. She was most caring, she was kind and very nice, she was filled with a hope for a future where she had a family, something she wasn’t allowed to have so far. But don’t let this deceive you, Mahiya was also very strong, very determined, after all, you don’t grow up under Neha’s *care* and be anything else. And in her bright personality, she was the perfect fit to Jason’s darkness. I cannot tell how much I loved the two together.

Everything other than Jason and Mahiya was also very engaging and wonderful. We got our usual dose of the other characters, for which I’m glad because it makes me sad when others get forgotten, and the plot just kept thickening and thickening. Makes you wonder how it could possibly end, or where it could ever go and how, but I’m hoping there’s still time and perhaps a few books more to think about all that.

A beautiful, beautiful book in this series that will make my hodgepodge taste delicious with its five huge spoonfuls!


Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh:

  1. Angel’s Blood
  2. Archangel’s Kiss
  3. Archangel’s Consort
  4. Archangel’s Blade
  5. Archangel’s Storm
  6. Archangel’s Legion

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