Book ~ The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

raven_new  Book: The Raven Prince

Series: Princes Trilogy

Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 356

Published: Grand Central Publishing, 2012


I’ve been hearing of Elizabeth Hoyt for some time now, people whose taste in fiction match mine have suggested this author whenever I begged for a good historical series, so I decided it was time to try her books. May I say thanks to all those friends now? Thank you. I think historical romance has become a favorite in this gal’s book world, so to add a new author to it, one that I’m quite sure I’ll enjoy with her every book, is a wonderful thing. Now, for the sake of appearing cool and not to declare an author as favorite after only one book, I’m going to simply say that this story is among the many I enjoyed immensely. Or, you know, scratch that, I think Elizabeth Hoyt will be one of the favorites.

The story is of two people who are in need of things that are very common to many others. Our heroine is in need of money, and our hero is in need of a good secretary. A satisfactory business arrangement, yes? You can bet on that, especially the satisfactory part, oh yes. The plot takes off from here and takes you to that point where things get from business to personal.

I have to say, I loved the characters. Theirs wasn’t much a story of having to marry because they were expected to do so by society, but more about their personal reasons and their choosing to do so.

Our hero, Earl of Swartingham aka pouting Edward- that’s me, not the book- was a great hero. As a nice change from the usual, he wasn’t a rake, he wasn’t being chased by all the eligible, and some not so eligible, women in society. He was more a lonely soul, one who decided to keep his distance from others. I personally liked that change, it made me look at a historical hero from a different view and it was a nice, fresh one. Apart from his non-rake ways, he was a good deal of brooding, temperamental and moody, and probably a few more that you can think of. But that still didn’t make me like him any less, whether that’s good or not, you be the judge, but he did turn nice and kind as they always do so that’s okay.

Our heroine, Anna Wren aka The Widow -again, me, not the book- was a whole lot different than Edward. She was outspoken and friendly, but she also had a feisty side. What I liked most about her was her courage, her ability to turn something dire into something better. When faced with a situation where any other non-heroine society lady would’ve cowered and accepted her fate, Anna was not afraid to fight in her own way. I always love a strong heroine.

The plot was fun and engaging with a bit of mystery and what I believe to be a tiny subplot thrown in and it kept my attention till the end despite the number of days it’ll seem to have taken me to finish this book. I can assure you, it was surely due to this lady not having her head straight and nothing else.

I can’t help but add I also loved The Raven Prince story in bits between chapters, that was such a lovely touch.

In the end I would say I recommend this book to everyone, but my guess is you might’ve already read it, but in case you haven’t, let me say I definitely recommend this story to those who like a good historical romance like this lady here.

I’m adding four huge spoonfuls of this lovely story into my hodgepodge.


Princes Trilogy by Elizabeth Hoyt:

  1. The Raven Prince
  2. The Leopard Prince
  3. The Serpent Prince
  4. The Ice Princess*

*This is a short story involving one of the recurring characters.


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