Film~ Don’t Be afraid of The Dark

imageDear whoever stumbles upon this blog,

I’ve been waiting and waiting to write my first post on this blog, but I’ve come to realize, as it is always told by published authors, that putting it off is useless and it’s making me more and more lazy by the minute. So I finally decided to just go with it and the honour of being my first post, hehe, belonged to the movie ‘Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark‘ by Guillermo Del Toro.

I’ve been stuck on a horror/thriller mode for a while now, been craving for such movies when I get a chance in front of the tv and I was pretty excited when I came across this movie. Not only was it an American horror which meant I could watch it without worrying about catching up with the subtitles, it was also a movie by Guillermo Del Toro, so I had a certain kind of expectation from it. Unfortunately for my horror/thriller craving mind though, I was disappointed.

it was only after I finished watching it that I found out the movie was a remake, and that most people thought the previous one was better. I believe that. The movie was basically about a couple moving into a huge house, why I wonder they always have to move in such a big mansion when they’re only two people and have clearly no intentions of ever becoming three in the near future? Anyway, of course after they move in, they realize a few people are acting weird about the house, clearly keeping secrets and there’s a little girl who’s the only one who can see the weird stuff happening. Then there’s the fact that the little girl has issues so it’s guaranteed the adults won’t believe her. It’s a fairly straightforward plot, something we come across in almost all the horror films.

My biggest problem, or maybe I should say they were pretty small problems, was the gnome like characters that were living in and terrorizing the house. I remember seeing their cousins in the movie The Mummy Returns if anyone has ever watched it. My honest opinion is that if this movie can be classified as a horror, then The Mummy Returns was a terrifying movie, the first in the series, by the way, being one of my all time favourites.

I would say this was mostly a fantasy adventure movie with a huge mansion borrowed from an actual horror film, and I add one tiny spoonful of this into my hodgepodge.



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